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School Council

The School is guided by its School Council

School Council

The School Council is a governing body responsible for the overall planning policy development and management of school finances.

The Ascot Vale West Primary School Council comprises 12 members – eight parents and four staff. Each member is elected for a two-year term with half of the members retiring each year. Meetings are currently held on Monday evenings at 7.00pm eight times per year.

School Council has three sub-committees – Finance, Resources, and Education. These sub-committees meet on a Monday evening two weeks prior to the School Council meeting. Any member of the school community may attend a sub-committee.

Current office holders:

Paul Meehan (President)

Kieran Curtain ( Vice President)

Luke Maguire (Treasurer)

School Council Members

Heather Carr (Principal)

Ellie Barzouca-Evans (Staff)

John Smith-Herrod (Staff)

Yolanda Paredes-Sanchez (Staff)

Brendan Morton (Resources)

Mark Vendor (Resources)

Susan Hendra (Education)