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Welcome to Ascot Vale West Primary School

Welcome to Ascot Vale West Primary School

Ascot Vale West is a small inner city school that was established more than 90 years ago. Our school is set among spacious grounds and we pride ourselves on our rich diversity and close, inclusive parent community.

We are proudly multicultural, with more than 20 cultures represented at our school.

We place great value on developing students who are outward looking and knowledgeable about the world, able to appreciate and be open to various forms of social and cultural diversity and actively participate as responsible citizens.

Our school values the input of its students and offers opportunities for our students to shape their learning in the classroom, and also offers wide-ranging leadership programs.

Our students enjoy a large variety of specialist programs, including Physical Education, Spanish language, Performing Arts (incorporating music, dance, drama and media), and Visual Arts. From Years 3-6 our students have the option of participating in the MVIMP (Moonee Vale Instrumental Program), where they have a large choice of musical instruments to study.

Ascot Vale West P.S. aspires to:

  • Provide an excellent curriculum, learning and teaching program
  • Be inclusive and open to all cultures and demographics
  • Hold and enact high expectations for all
  • Provide a broad and varied curriculum rich in experiences

Our school is proud to share the exciting learning experiences our students participate in with our immediate community as well as those who seek to know more about our school. We invite you to contact us on 9370 8784 if you would like a school tour or for further information.

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Messages from staff at Ascot Vale West

School History

Shortly after World War 1 the Maribyrnong Hill and Bagotville Progress Association, assisted by Mr Thomas Ryan MLA, campaigned for a primary school in the Ascot Vale West area. The original site was to be Victory Park but a change of site was decided to give more open space surrounding the school.

The school was established on the 20th May 1920 under the direction of Mr Lightfoot. headteacher
at Moonee Ponds West Primary School and some children attended at the church hall in Charles Street, Ascot Vale.
On the 19th February 1923 the school moved into its new two story brick building on 4 acres of land in Langs Road, south of Victor Park. It went from prep to grade 8.

The brick building was the first school erected in Victoria on plans jointly approved by Victoria and South Australia. Mr Frank Tate, Victorian Director of Education and Mr Williams of South Australia went to England and brought back plans which were used for the school built here.

419 Pupils were enrolled, most of whom had transferred from Moonee Ponds West and Ascot Vale
primary schools. The first enrolled student was Frances Barrett.

Crockford Library is named in honour of 3 generations of the Crockford family, for services rendered to the School Committee. The Crockford family owned the local dairy in Epsom Road.

School Houses

( Teams used for internal school sporting events )

Bagot (Blue) was named after Bagotville, a subdivision of land surrounding Flemington Racecourse and included our school area. It was formed in 1849.

Fisher (Yellow) was named after C.B. (Charles) Fisher, a famous racing steward with the Victorian Racing Committee and prominent early settler who owned a considerable amount of land in Ascot Vale.

Lumsden (Green) was named after A.J. Lumsden, the first headmaster of Ascot Vale West P.S.

Trainer (Red) was named after the popular late “Snowy” H Trainor an elderly man who lived in Victory Parade opposite the school. For many years as a council employee he cared for Victory Park and showed great affection for the children of AVW.

School Council

The School Council is a governing body responsible for the overall planning policy development and management of school finance.

The Ascot Vale west Primary School Council comprises 12 members – eight parents and four staff.
Each member is elected for a two year term with half of the members retiring each year.
Meetings are currently held Mondays evenings at 7pm eight times per year

School Council has three sub committees – Finance, Resources and Education.
These sub committees meet on a Monday evening two weeks prior to the School Council meeting.
Any member of the school community may attend School Council or sub – committee meetings.

Parents Association

The Parents Association of volunteers provide support and fundraising throughout the year.
The group often referred to as Parents & Friends meet regularly to plan activities and fundraise for special projects to support programs at the school.
They rely on families to assist with planning, organising and running events & activities and welcome all members of the community to join the committee or assist in any way throughout the year..

The Committee organise many events throughout the school year such as:

  • Summer/Twilight Picnic
  • Student Disco
  • Mother’s Day & Father’s Day events.
  • Working Bees

Our School Cat

Ascot is the name of our school cat. She adopted the school in 2015 when she needed a place to have her kittens. The kittens received homes with members of the school community and Ascot decided to stay at school.
Ascot is a very friendly cat and often comes in to the classrooms and the school office to day hello.
She is a very popular member of our school community.