Occupational Therapy

The school acknowledges that all students’ needs are important, however, due to the limited capacity of the OT there will be a referral and priority system. The referral system is created within a link through the school’s website or simply click below. Tatjana’s presentation is now on the school’s website for your perusal.

Please follow the referral link: https://form.jotform.com/240739253453862

Parents and teachers can refer students to the OT and together with the Wellbeing Team students will be prioritised. Students will be prioritised based on:

  • The urgency of supports and/or barriers on learning
  • If they already have NDIS supports and/or private therapist on their team
  • Observation of environment and/or learning in the classroom vs. skill building in groups

Meet the OT!

Tatjana has years of clinical experience in the area of child development. She has worked in private practice, Autistic schools and volunteered overseas in orphanages and care facilities supporting children of various disabilities. Tatjana is very enthusiastic and motivated in supporting children and families to achieve things that are meaningful to their daily lives.

Her passion is working with school-aged children, and supporting children to not change who they are but to embrace and flourish with their powerful gifts, talents and abilities. Tatjana recognises that the child’s environment and surrounding supports are the basis of all new learnings.

Tatjana ensures that all intervention and strategies are evidence based, play focused, FUN, inclusive and goal directed. She loves providing simple, affordable and meaningful recommendations for classrooms. Tatjana feels thrilled and excited about supporting the children and families of Ascot Vale West Primary School in 2024. 

Thank you

Tatjana Sagi
Senior Occupational Therapist