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Ascot Vale West Primary School

Welcome to Ascot Vale West Primary School

Ascot Vale West is a small inner city school that was established more than 90 years ago. Our school is set among spacious grounds and we pride ourselves on our rich diversity and close, inclusive parent community.

We are proudly multicultural, with more than 20 cultures represented at our school.

We place great value on developing students who are outward looking and knowledgeable about the world, able to appreciate and be open to various forms of social and cultural diversity and actively participate as responsible citizens.

Our school values the input of its students and offers opportunities for our students to shape their learning in the classroom, and also offers wide-ranging leadership programs. Read more…

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Child Safety Statement

Ascot vale West Primary School is committed to a zero tolerance of child abuse and creating an inclusive school culture that promotes child safety. Our vision of ‘Strong Foundations; Strong Future’ supports our focus of including people of all abilities, and promotes the cultural safety of individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

100th Anniversary

Due to building works, the celebration for the 100th anniversary has been delayed.


Students at AVWPS feel a sense of inclusion


Families and Caregivers at AVWPS believe that their child feels connected to school


Teachers at AVWPS believe that they have a collective responsibility