Breakfast Club

A Healthy Start to the School Day

Ascot Vale West Primary School provides a warm and welcoming space for students when they arrive at school.

Volunteers and Parents & Friends Committee help set up their Breakfast Club space and provide students with a variety of healthy, Victorian grown or manufactured breakfast foods. These include toast, oats, muesli, cereal, milk, baked beans, yoghurt, canned fruit, fruit cups, fresh fruit and vegetables, vegemite and jam.

In addition to removing the barrier to learning when a child is hungry, creating a safe and social Breakfast Club environment for students also has other benefits. Positive relationships are being built between peers, staff and volunteers. Overtime, we have seen improved punctuality and attendance as a result of having a Breakfast Club.

Operating Hours

With the help of our wonderful volunteers our School Breakfast Club Program runs Wednesday, Thursday and  Friday morning from 8:40am–9:00am.

This program is available to all students in the school.

Please contact Parent & Friends Committee if you wish to volunteer and offer a helping hand: